You’re either remarkable, or invisible.

Success at the level you seek requires a customized plan.

I teach the best how

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Choose a service that suits best your personal or business's requirements. If you need any additional assistance, we are happy to help you. E-mail us at or call our office at (+1) 212 - 710 - 4337

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You’re either remarkable, or invisible.

In today’s highly distracted “social” market, there is no in-between.

Dr. Jack Barnathan will teach you specific strategies for revealing the strengths you have in a unique manner that demands respect.

That will dominate your market with service pushed to the extremes and defining a new luxury experience.

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Designed to challenge new perspectives and possibilities for: personal performance, physical transformation, professional achievement & executive excellence™.

Crisp, innovative strategies and opportunities for new personal, professional, business and market dominance.



Steps for developing crisp distinctions with clarity and class. Our innovative in-house training programs, lectures and workshops which are specify designed to meet expectations of corporate institutions and organizations around the world. 


Guest Lecturer & Keynote sPEAKER

Widely acclaimed and innovative lectures which combine cutting edge information with inspirational themes, doctor level continuing education seminars for institutions, corporations and organizations around the world.