Dr. Jack Barnathan has advised legends of sports, fitness, the performing arts, and executives from leading corporations on his unique strategy for creating profound change and lasting transformation. This unique opportunity gives you a chance to be personally and thoughtfully guided by Dr. Barnathan. His purpose is to help you create a powerful change and branding both you, and your business and/or service to establish it as unique and one of a kind.  

If you take this step, then there is no longer competition.  You are established as invaluable in your service, and therefore become irreplaceable.

Dr. Jack is an innovator and a “way finder.” His thoughtful inclination is contagious. His methods channel positive energy and clients’ strengths (whether 1 on 1 or in a group) creating a unique synergy, particularly in his presence.
— Paul-Jon Patin, World Champion in Sailing
Dr. Jack Barnathan has always been there, supporting me 110% in the achievement of all my goals. I know through his experience and insights he will do the same for you (...) He is one of the people I couldn’t have done it without
— Dara Torres, Multimple USA Olympic Gold Medallist

He will help you to find, define and clearly focus on your most important goals. And hopefully choose to drop some efforts that are distracting you away from your goals, and at worst: costing you time, energy and money.

Your session can be held live in New York City or anywhere in the world (by special arrangment only), virtually (Facetime, Skype or thorugh other media) or over the phone- it is up to you. For your convenience, an One-On-One Consulting, can be booked online via our platform, by e-mail or by phone call. You can access all contact informations on our Contact page.

Dr. Jack Barnathan, born and raised in New York City, is an acclaimed, multi-award winning sports doctor and fitness science innovator, business branding and marketing consultant who serves the boards of over a half dozen charitable organizations. He has advised legends of sports, fitness, the performing arts, and executives from leading corporations on his unique strategy. Each client receives tools essential for profound change and profession leading excellence that drives inspired, lasting success.

My goal isn’t merely to MEET people. My goal is to IMPACT them, so they’ll never be the same...
— Dr. Jack Barnathan, B.B.A., D.C., F.A.C.C., CFT, MFS, MSS, CET, SSN (ISSA)

The core of Dr. Jack Barnathan's unique system lies in his ability to find, fine tune and engage what he refers to as, your "unique strengths." When properly focused, they will drive the success you deserve through exceptional service, shared with a thoughtful yet powerful Branding and Marketing message

Dr.Jack Barnathan is an out of this world mentor, teacher and friend. He has this incomparable ability to recognize your unique strenght before even you can see it. His knowledge and expertise is limitless. Since I have started to work one-on-one with Dr.Jack my business has improved immensely and the vision to where I want to go has become so much more clear. I am so grateful for the thoughtful care and unique strategies
— Christine Stein, CFT, Master of Fitness Design
Consulting with you was the best choice I ever made. I would have left 40 years of Culinary Arts on the floor of the gym and had a life of counting to ten. Your support has been a guiding light for me. Your fire, enthusiasm, knowledge, and guidance now has me helping people with consulting, cooking demos, meal design, doing more than I could have ever dreamed. It is awe-inspiring to think of the people you have touched. Thank you just doesn’t say enough you have changed my life and even more the lives of the people I or we serve.
— Chef Don Doward | Master of Fitness Design

It's time for a high ground standard. A thoughtfully designed strategy for personal transformation and professional success. Own your Power of Presence. Present an inspired service, style, energy and outlook that's uniquely yours. Finally. Emphatically. Lead the Field. With help of Dr.Jack Barnathan establish a standard of service that is nothing less than exceptional.

Your efforts profoundly influence the life of our community and are a shining example for us all
— The Certificate of Merit- Presented by President of United States George W. Bush


For those taking the important step of being coached by Dr. Barnathan throughout the year, you will receive:

  • Weekly reviews via e-mail: to discuss progress answer questions regarding your progress

  • Virtual or phone conferences twice a month - at least an hour, where you discuss your work, assignments, brainstorm ideas and specific strategies for achieving success

  • “Monday to Friday Availability” for questions and support in achieving your goals.

  • Full tuition guest invitations to several workshops/events offered by Dr. Barnathan throughout the year (*selected by Dr. Barnathan to support you in specific skills he is helping you develop. Workshops vary each year and will be determined specifically for each client).

  • Support in designing your marketing material to focus your message specifically to the community you need most to reach. Including support in public speaking, event coordination and other forms of education/promotion.

  • Opportunities for meaningful networking with among Dr. Jack Barnathan’s Private Consulting Client Community, to help you grow.

  • Support in long-term projects like presentations, books writtings, scripts, studio design, blog design etc.


Depending on your needs, you can scedule an one time appointment or a full year round coaching service.  Unlike other consultants who try to make you feel bad about past missteps, Dr.Jack Barnathan will help you find and embrace the powerful winning qualities you already possess, and focus them toward a worthy goal. 

If you have any additional questions, we are happy to answer them for you. E-mail us at or call our office at (+1) 212-710-4337.