8 min Podcast - Dangers of "Keto Diet/fasting cardio" and other Fads


8 Min Podcast explaining the dangers to health, and to the PROFESSION of FITNESS if fads like "KETO-DIETS and FASTING CARDIO" continue to hurt people


If you're reading this, you are a friend or client and deserve better. 
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Let's drop the Keto / Fasting Fad from (what should be) our ENJOYMENT of Physical Activity.

And help the HIGH-END markets (I've worked my whole life to bring to "fitness" realize there are special PROFESSIONALS worth investing in... and not a "business of fads" which one investment fund manager recently said to me.

You deserve more - for your business and life.

Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Leafy Greens, Legumes, Fruits, Vegetables... are the fuel that your BRAIN and MUSCLES need

Trying a cheap trick of physiology to force the liver to convert "Keytones" into fuel is dangerous (God help those also damaging their livers with Steroids)

If you're reading this, you're one of the most dedicated and deserve the best energy and mood.

- Your meal plan is one of the most important foundations

- Fad diets that stress the liver, risk injury including gallbladder, kidney, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, bone fractures in children, impacts on fertility and more*

And FALLS because of not having fuel in your brain - especially on treadmills!

Let this have no place in your life or professional work.  
You stand among the best. I know you want to teach the safest and most fad-free science

That's why I did this for you.

#FadFreeFitness  #FoodFirst

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Dr. Jack Barnathan