The time I almost got tossed out of The White House because of my keychain

Because you’ve chosen work you love so INTENSELY, (or have made it your "parallel career" until it becomes your one and only "magnificent obsession), you are compelled to share it with everyone, regardless of whether it directly benefits you or not.

A passionate desire to lift others with your best.

Years ago I was a Doctor of Chiropractic and intensely passionate about growing the profession by sharing the real story of how it impacts the nervous system profoundly.

That's why I conceived the idea of a Fitness Conference with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which we have done every year since.

Chiropractic changed my health as a boy, and my Dad’s partially paralyzed arm experienced remarkable healing from a Chiropractic treatment.  Yes, this stuff was my life's passion, and I’m still FIERCELY PASSIONATE about this Profession, and it’s unique ability to transform, but now contribute differently as a teacher/consultant).

So I talked about it everywhere.

I even had a keychain (plastic) with the first bone in the spine, the “Atlas.”  It was an easy tool for teaching others about my passion/my profession.

When I was invited to The White House to participate in a workout with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The President and many other leaders & legends of sport, security asked me about my keychain as I went through the metal detector.

“Is that a bone you’re bringing into The White House?!”

"Yes, well not exactly.  It's a plastic representation of first vertebrae in the neck, called the “Atlas” in Greek mythology.  It's very important in Chiropractic...

Without fully grasping his concern, I started talking about Chiropractic and how it could help him, and others.  He laughed and said, “great advice, now go right in but keep that in your pocket for now.”

It wasn’t until later that it hit me; who brings a bone to the White House?

I did . . .

Because it helped me teach others about my passion.

Today I teach businesses and individuals how to use their UNIQUE best to SOAR, but primarily as a consultant for business.

And I tell EVERYONE who will listen about new studies, innovations, and ideas for moving people, and business/charities/conferences, etc . . . up higher than ever before.

Because it’s my passion.  My "raison d’être" - my reason for being like the French would say.

Find your passion.  Focus it.  Practice how you share it (because you want to impact people with it in a clear and succinct manner) and start telling that story to everyone.  Everywhere.

And if they don’t let you into The White House or anywhere else, so be it.  You’re not here for an invitation.

You’re here to change lives forever with what you do and love, whatever it may be.

Dr. Jack Barnathan