"Luxury as a Transformative Experience" - Event, NYC

Luxury Life | Style Event is a yearly event organized by Dr. Jack Barnathan in New York City, that was held in the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. This inspirational event gathered innovative and thoughtful specialists, coming from around the world with different fields of expertise, in order to exchange experience, ideas, and share inspiration. 

Following day, these high ground specialists meet for an all-day workshop taught by Dr. Jack Barnathan, where he shares his insights into a more thoughtful living and working practices, supported by science studies and upcoming trends.

This year's theme was "Luxury as a Transformative Experience". 
When people think of luxury, the first thing that usually comes to mind is possession and surrounding to expensive objects. This particular workshop discussed luxury as a mindful, thoughtful, ethically profound experience that when incorporated in different aspects of life and business, brings awareness in daily life & business. It teaches strategies, how to create a unique and mindful experience for themselves and their clients.