Fasting Cardio is as dangerous as holding your BREATH while on a Treadmill - it's time for some "Scientific - Common Sense"

“Scientific - Common Sense”  is what we need.  Not the ego-hyped form of confusing entertainment/distraction for an hour which has been trying to pass itself off as a “science.”  Fantasy is not Science - leave that department for Disney.  But as for “Fitness:"

- Fitness should be Simple and Clear 

- If they’re making it too complex they’re selling you nonsense or just distracting you for an hour

- Sweat is not Fat - its waste production of metabolism like other “waste” you get rid of

- Consistency is the key, not overloading the body or fantasy diet schemes/extremes

- Push mother nature and she’ll push you back 10 times harder. We all know that, or should by now

- You need to put GAS in the tank of the CAR before you attempt to drive it any distance

- You need to put the proper complex carbs in your body hours before you attempt physical exercise

- Your BRAIN uses only ONE FUEL - and that’s COMPLEX CARBS. You balance, focus, memory and all other neurological functions like not falling off a treadmill or dropping weights on your head, toes...

The latest fitness/fantasy is something called “fasting cardio”

Ten years ago I listened to students repeat like parrots: “if you do cardio first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, you only burn fat…”

A Fitness/Fantasy that’s dangerous.  Anyone ever hear of something called “coordination” and “balance?”  Kind of helpful when on a treadmill

And, an eating disorder - which sadly, too many following the fitness/fantasy are flirting with

Fasting before working out will force your body to eat it’s own muscle, cannibalizing it as fuel since you are not feeding it the complex carbs it needs for energy to power your activity

Is Tinkerbell involved? Harry Potter and a wand?

If anyone tells you to hold heavy weights over your body with no food in your body - no carbs in your muscles or BRAIN to keep your balance and coordination and proper technique... run like Hell and get a real Fitness Professional, properly certified in a LIVE workshop to guide you

All physical activity and brain function demands the proper quality, and amounts of fuel - complex carbs

Without it, you will fail and possibly injured

And, the NUMBER ONE reason for emergency room visits relative to gyms is… injuries from falls off treadmills!  Number two is dropping dumbbells on toes, fingers.  And they want you do do it “fasting”????????

Like I said first 20 years ago, and began this essay with “Scientific-Common Sense” is the need

You deserve to take back your joy of physical activity without the ridiculous, dangerous and gimmick-selling hype. Demand nothing less



Dr. Jack Barnathan, B.B.A., D.C., F.A.C.C., 


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Dr. Jack Barnathan